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Enderby Island Rabbit Club of NZ

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Breeders List Below.


An approved Enderby Island Rabbit Council of NZ breeder, has to be a member for at least 12 months and exhibited stock they have bred in at least 5 separate CC shows (on different dates).


If you wish to buy any stock from lines that we know have not been infected by crossbreeding.


Please contact the Club for approved breeders.


As of 1st Jan 2009 Information is being gathered to identify the breeders and lines that have not been infected.


A registration schemes is underway.


Please contact the Sitereh Schouten for any information.

Also look under Tattoo Forms, for the information needed to forward to the club to help with the history of the stock you



North Is. Breeders.
Committee Members Details Below.

Totoravale Rabbitry - Manakau City /Auckland -

South Is. Breeders.
Committee Member Details Below:
Rogue River - Scargill/Canterbury - 03 314 3356
Natures Pace - Christchurch -
Warwickz Farm - Christchurch - 
Ruth Jenkins - Invercargill - 


Contact the EIRCNZ