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Enderby Island Rabbit Club of NZ

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Committee for 2017-2018:


Catreona Kelly

Sitereh Schouten
Wayne Edmond
Lara Irving
Newsletter Editor:
To be advised

Committee Members:

Tamsin Redwood
Rowena Barrier-Penberth
Chris Irving
Ruth Jenkins
Chris Gilberd
Elaine Gilberd
Dave Fairbrother
Emma Groom
Melissa Groom

Registration Register

Sitereh Schouten

Our last show was held below. Since the earth quakes here is Christchurch there has been very little activity with the EIRCNZ.

In Jan 2018 a facebook page has been created for enderby rabbit breeders to provide contact between the owners and breeders. 
Contact us for more details if you are an owner, or a breeder of the Enderby island Rabbit.

EIRCNZ 4th South Island Annual Show
October 22nd 2011- was held in conjunction with Canterbury Cavy & Rabbit Fanciers Association, Held in Christchurch with the Rabbit Council of NZ South Island National Show.


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